Video Production and Management

Professional Video Ads, Added to your webiste, Youtube or Social Media

Video Production

Our Services offer
We get a true sense of exactly what you need in a video.
We create a sample video for you to preview and give us feedback.
We make whatever changes you want to ensure you get exactly what you hoped for.
We deliver your finished video in stunning HD quality in .mp4 format which can be used anywhere.
You love your video and our service or you don't pay, guaranteed.

We Create Many Types of Videos We Create...
Corporate branding videos
Free consultation videos
Book appointment videos
Product or service details videos
Videos using footage you already have
Videos using photos you already have
Videos from scratch starting with just an idea
Many other types of videos too
Almost any type of video you need

Logo Stinger 5-15 seconds

A Short Video to Showcase Your Business Logo - Either on its own,
or add it to a "Video Ad" as an intro or outro!
Video is the #1 way to engage prospects and convert them to customers. Videos get more views, more engagement, and more results than any other media.

So if you aren't using video now, you should be. And that's where we come in.

We can make custom Motion Ads to get you more prospects, leads, and SALES.

And we can get you your new Motion Ad in less than 48 hours so you can grow your business fast.

Even better, Our Reds Motion Ads and Logo Stingers are priced at only R200, which is a 1/10th compared to what others charge.

All Reds Motion Ads and Logo Stingers are created in High Definition 1920x1080 or 1080x1920.

Reds Motion Ad 5-15s

A motion ad is a plain image, that has motion added to it. This is a better option than to have just a plain banner/image advert. We can take a standard banner ad, and add a touch of motion, or snowflakes, or even flying hearts!
These adverts get around 200 - 300 % more views, and since the advert is a video, people are more likely to share it, as it is such a new concept.

We Can Create Customised 5 - 15 second Motion Ads that make your Product/Service STAND Out.
We Specialize In FAST Turnaround.
Most Videos Completed in 48 Hours or Less.

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